Doing much more together for a secure, independent and prosperous future of Europe

Together for a secure, independent and prosperous future of Europe

The opposition made a hasty generalization, relying on President Trump’s statement in 2018, not counting the fact that he had spoken many times about the withdrawal of the US from NATO. Currently, the president’s desire to withdraw the US from NATO raises worries among officials working in the field of security. The US has always been the leader of the alliance, and this partly stems from the reality that the US military is much stronger than the armies of other NATO member states.

Admiral James Stavridis, said the US withdrawal from the Alliance would be “a geopolitical mistake of epic proportions.” Even discussing the idea of leaving NATO – much less the fact – would be the gift of the century for Putin,” said Admiral Stavridis. These afirmations further strengthen the French President’s statement “Faced with a Russia which is at our borders and has shown that it can be a threat … we need a Europe that defends itself better, without just depending on the US” .

We are talking about an uncertain future with regard to this alliance. In view of these issues, the question arises, what is happening to Europe if these threats to world security are true?

The opposition thinks we should expect Europe to remain only a pawn without having an important role in defense, and accept the attackes by the voices that claim that EU is doing little for its own defense, as also our competitors stated.

On the contrary, we believe that the security environment is constantly changing, and growing uncertainty, contradictory messages, world-wide challenges and a range of threats around Europe, both in the East and the South, and requires the creation of an EU Armed Force in complementarity with NATO, while avoiding unnecessary duplications.

The historical argument of opposition, attempts to create a precedent. Although history may be an example, they had not take into account the current situation, the threats to which security had been subjected in recent years. Europe was a theater of operations in the two world wars. By creating its own army, the EU can change history, in order to preserve its neutrality in the event of a mondial conflict.

The fact that the creation of an EU army could be interpreted as a hidden aim of becoming a military superpower is shattered by the NATO Secretary – General Jens Stoltenberg opinion: “I am enjoying the EU’s defense efforts for helping to develop new military capabilities. The EU and NATO are working together more closely now than at other times. EU forces are complementary to NATO and not competing”.

NATO and the EU can best reinforce each other. In the event that NATO will be destabilized by US leaving the alliance, creating an EU armed force, will provide a security stability at European level, so we can see the positive impact of developing its own army in any of the situations. “If you want peace, prepare for war”, like Flavius Vegetius Renatus said.

M4-R1 Winner: Right Now For the EU
I thank both teams for this debate. I found that both teams brought a lot of interesting ideas to this debate, but few of them were developed to their full potential throughout the debate. I would suggest that maybe prioritizing the most impactful arguments, developing those, and trimming away some of the less contentious material…