Supportive case for the formation of a united european army

Hello everyone. My name is Alexandros Andreanidis and my colleague’s name is Fotini Kafetzaki. We will be supporting the motion for the creation of a standing European army.

The increasing threats of the United States to the NATO collective defense, has shown that it is time for the European Union to stop relying on the might of the American army and consolidate its power as one of the major military powers of the world.

At the end of world war two, Europe was stuck between the superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union. NATO was created so the USA could safeguard Western Europe from the communist threat to the east. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO has remained as the bastion of defense of the European continent but the roles have remained the same. The United States is still the country that all NATO members look towards when it comes to security. As geopolitical conflicts increase, it is important for the EU to adopt a standing army that is separate from NATO while still working closely with it.

First of all a European army would do a better job of serving the interests of European Nations and would not adhere to American pressures of intervention in places that are not of EU interest.
Europe still faces threats and crisis around its borders. The migrant crisis, the danger that Russia presents to the integrity of the EU. Such an army would do a better job of policing the borders of the union and intervene faster where it is needed. It would provide a stronger deterent than NATO when it comes to the protection of the European Union from foreign powers.

The foundations for such an initiative are already here. The European Intervention Initiative, the European Defense fund and the European Defense Agency are a good start for the creation of something greater. Separately the armies of European countries are nothing to boast about. While they are highly technologically advance they are small in number. But a European army that consists of all the European Union nations would show the world that the European Union is something that should not be taken lightly.

Pulling together EU money is relatively the easy part compared to the task of ensuring member states are willing to pull together their decision-making powers on defense-related matters. This does not mean that they should abandon their national priorities, something many in France, but also Germany, fear that it would lead to. But to try to alleviate the problem that would arise from having all members agree in order to take an action, a rotating council of voted members by the people of each country would be elected to take action and would require a 51% majority of the council in order to take an action.

Last but not least, this achievement of cooperation would stand as a proud testament of all European nations to their commitment for Europe to never see war and establish a Europe a peace.

M8-R1 Winner: Freedom Writers
I thank both teams for this debate. This was a somewhat tricky debate to adjudicate and quite close in some aspects, but I ultimately gave the win to the negative team: Freedom Writers. The main point that decided this debate for me was the potential “need” for such an army. First affirmative speaker talks about…