Round 3 – Access to EU funding programs

Welcome to Round 3 of YouthVote2019 Online Debates!

The topic for the 3rd debate is:

The EU should not cut access to funding programs for member states that fail to adhere and safeguard EU values.

The 1st debater of the affirmative team has 24 hours to post the 1st speech of the debate. Even if the speech is posted before the 24 hours expire, the 1st negative speakers’ 24 hours of preparation time will begin when the initial time expires.

Before posting please consult Guidelines and the Online Debate Guide.

Do not forget that the character limit is 3000 per speech (without spaces).

Teams that do not post before the deadlines will be disqualified.

Good luck to all teams!

M1-R3 Winner: Right Now For the EU
I thank both teams for this debate. There were a lot of interesting questions and problems raised by both teams, but in the end I sided with the opposition team: Right Now For the EU. I’ll start off with what I feel were valid ideas presented by both teams, and how these ideas impacted the…
M2-R3 Winner: Team Europe
I thank both teams for this debate. Though I felt that the opposition team was rhetorically stronger, I found the affirmative team, Team Europe, to be the more convincing one. The debate boils down to one simple issue. In the first speech of the affirmative team, some potential harms of cutting access to funds are…