The Final Round – EU enlargement process

Welcome to the Final Round of YouthVote2019 Online Debates!

The topic for the 4th and final debate is:

The EU enlargement process should continue in the next 10 years and include the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries.

The 1st debater of the affirmative team has 24 hours to post the 1st speech of the debate. Even if the speech is posted before the 24 hours expire, the 1st negative speakers’ 24 hours of preparation time will begin when the initial time expires.

Before posting please consult the Online Debate Guide.

Do not forget that the character limit is 3000 per speech (without spaces).

Teams that do not post before the deadlines will be disqualified.

Good luck to both teams!

M1-R4 Winner: Right Now For the EU
I thank both teams for this final debate! This was a tough debate to judge, with the affirmative team taking a more principal stance, whilst the opposition team focused on the more pragmatic aspects of the motion. But in the end I sided with the affirmative side, team Right Now For the EU. To sum…