EU citizens: Are you ready to vote?

With the European Parliament set to end its term on April 8 2019, EU citizens will be called to the ballot boxes to take part in European Parliamentary votes between 23-26 May 2019, in which 705 MEPs will stand for seats in the EU’s legislative chamber.

Moreover, with fake news and disinformation on the rise, attempts to influence the democratic integrity of the European elections may seek to influence the voting intentions of a European public.

Along this axis, a recent malicious disinformation campaign during the referendum in Macedonia attempted to dissuade citizens from voting. The EU is aiming to prevent such malign interferences from negatively impacting participation at the ballot box next year.

With the involvement of EU citizens in next year’s elections so vital in safeguarding the longevity of the Union, volunteers from across the continent have recently banded together to build a campaign encouraging as many people as possible to take part in the 2019 elections.