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Andrei-Razvan Teodorescu-Rusoiu
Andreea-Livia Vilau


EU and NATO together is the key for a single and better army that secures the strongest existing military partnership

EDIT: This speech was originally posted incomplete and was edited after posting. The motion that has been put up to debate and that will be further analysed is: The EU should develop its own army and military command in order to be able to defend itself, independently of, or in coordination with, NATO. For a start, it […]

We stay strong and unite, not with two armies and divide.

European Union’s values exist in accordance with the main purpose the Union was created for, because the purpose in itself serves the EU citizens’ interests. It is an assumed identity through which the citizens become familiar with EU values. Therefore, the idea that EU values and ideals fluctuate according to a momentary trend in public […]

Bringing goold old satire to fight the far-right of our time !

We would prefer to open this speech by affirming that the EU should definitely fund satirical publications (within the Member States) which are targeting far-right parties, and we will further support this idea with substantial arguments. Before presenting our case, we must mention the fact that policies of far-right parties stand flagrantly against EU objectives […]

Satire is a fact, with scientific impact !!!

Satirical publications are not exclusively subjective, as the opposition claims. They are objective as well, having a major role in correcting certain dangerous tendencies, which is why the EU should take the leap of faith and fund them in order to take a step further into clearing this extremist threat from its Member States. Regarding […]