The Balkan Girls

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Monica Andonie- Bindar
Teodora Irina Comanita


If you say yes to an EU army, things will probably get stormy!

The motto we are using as the negative team is not only ironic, but also aims to counter argument the fact that EU should develop a singular army independently or in cooperation with NATO. As such, starting from the arguments of the opposing team we will present our approach and demonstrate that an EU army […]

The way to build defence is through collaboration

The creation of an army of the European Union brings along consequences, therefore it has to be carefully reconsidered and analyzed. Such a decision is not a childish game, when if someone takes your toy, you create another one. It is not about what is fair, or unfair. It is about facts, figures and consequences. […]


The negative team agrees with the definition given by the affirmative team for satirical publications, however, we consider their statement as false, and in order to further debate the topic, it should also be clarified what a far-right party involves nowadays. The latest European events are known for emerging in a political shift with the […]

There’s no FUN in FUNding FUN

Before defending our position regarding the motion, we would like to define the difference between objective and subjective and keep in mind, this is not a satire, these are facts. Anything objective sticks to the facts, but anything subjective has feelings. Objective and subjective are opposites. Objective: It is raining. Subjective: I love the rain! […]

More incentives, less sanction if you want EU to function

European Union funds are not a reason for blackmail. Putting European funds under political conditions will transform the EU in a negative actor. That will practically mean that EU will pick sides, and picking sides for the EU is not an option, as that would convert it into an international actor who acts only according […]

A solution as conclusion: involve the people

In the first part of the speech, the affirmative team will clarify some aspect highlighted as incoherent. Firstly, we will offer the definition of blackmailing in an European context with reference to the motion: the use of threats or the manipulation –cutting funds– of someone’s feelings –EU member states which fail to adhere and safeguard […]