l'EUnion fait la force

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Alexandru Dănescu
Marta Datcu


Leaving the EU out of conflict

The opposition is not against military forces ensuring peace, stability and prosperity throughout Europe and the world. In fact, we support already existent structures such as NATO, CSDP (Common Security and Defense Policy) or EU Battlegroups that ensure Europe stays safe and also has the reach to intervene in peacekeeping missions. We also encourage bilateral […]

A EUseless Army

Our team would like to emphasize that the affirmative cannot run away from this debate by avoiding a significant military expenditure growth. As their own analysis of  EU Battlegroups shows, underfunding and financial constraints, as well as structural reasons, make an EU army less efficient nowadays.  Therefore, in order to have a functioning EU army, […]

EU Satire to Counter the Far-right Liar

Before presenting our case, we want to clarify some aspects. The EU would support publications that are already known for being against the far-right or new publications willing to take up the challenge. This support would come in the form of subsidizing the media institutions financially and offering them coverage (example: sharing posts on social […]

A Modest Proposal for the EU

The reason why the opposition loses this debate is because they failed to address our main contention, which is that satire manages to mobilize apolitical and gray area masses. This debate is only marginally about far-right supporters, as we have conceded that satire will not impact them, or individuals personally affected by satire, as their […]