Right Now For the EU

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Ioan Suhov
Victor Morozov



In the past years, the debate concerning the creation of an army of the European Union has emerged. In the present speech, we will examine the arguments of The Originals Team in favour of the motion explaining the reasons why they are worth to be rebutted. Hereafter we will offer two main arguments against the […]

Solid Strategies Instead of Groundless Fears

Our opponents’ second speech perpetuated the argument seeming to link increasing menaces from outside the EU (“a range of threats around Europe”) to the need of developing a EU unitary army. Whether these so-called “threats” can be empirically might require another discussion – in any case, we cannot but notice the high frequency of the […]

Funding political satire: a risky approach towards far-right movements

The far-right political parties have become an unprecedented menace to the integrity and the stability of the EU. However, whether a satirical approach makes for the best counteract possible is a questionable claim; as far as we are concerned, satire seems not only a trifle (how could one use humour when dealing with such serious […]

Against hasty initiatives

It does not take long to notice that the entire strategy of the affirmative team is structured on a deep incoherence: they try to convince us of the great impact that satire could have on “apolitical” masses by using the example of a satirical party which was unable to attract more than 1% of the […]

While there is still time

Analysing European far-right movements and their immediate consequences – a shift in politics towards illiberal forms of democracy – is complex; no one, however, can pretend that these threats are not real. Therefore, sanctioning the EU states that fail to respect the values we all have committed to whilst adhering to the Union is of […]

How about a practical solution?

We will start by highlighting once again the crucial problems that we identify in the affirmative’s team second speech. Afterwards, we will reinforce the arguments that we have already exposed in favour of the idea that economic sanctions are the only viable option order to maintain and safeguard the EU values. Firstly, not only do […]

Joining Our Forces to Face Challenges

Firstly, let us clarify the terms of the motion that we defend: we are talking about two neighbouring areas (the “WB6”: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo; and the Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) with different challenges at stake. Analysing these challenges is the […]

Seizing the Perfect Moment

Firstly, we need to highlight several reasons which prove that the negative speakers’ argumentation was unconvincing. We strongly hold the idea that not a single state has become a member of the EU only in view of the “accession itself”, as our opponents presented it. We need to emphasize the fact that the EU is […]