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The delicate line between future aspirations and self-destruction

The idea of a common defense policy for Europe dates back to 1948, when the UK, France and Benelux signed the Treaty of Brussels. The agreement included the creation of the  Western European Union, which was, along with NATO, the principal forum for security and defence in Europe. More recently, in 2003, the former High […]

An urgent call for realism

While it is true that the creation of an independent European military force is being negotiated from the very beginning of the European structure, it is also evident that those plans are far from being realized. That is, the member-states, despite theoretically supporting solidarity, unity and cooperation, have always been extremely reluctant to resign from […]

A mirror into our mistakes

It is considered that, to understand a society and culture, one has to read a satire. Satire is a genre that “holds up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn.” Armed with irony, sarcasm, and a little bit of mockery, its main intent is to shame a person or a whole society into improvement. […]

Freedom of speech is not elective

To clarify, in order to diminish the emergence of far- right, the EU should fund an effective and constructive satire. The best kind of satire does not seek to damage by its ridicule, but it tends to create a shock of recognition and reconsideration into society. By examining its messages through a critical mental process, […]

Getting the awareness right

It is true that the EU finances a wide range of projects in various fields, in order to promote innovation and development throughout the Union. This policy is part of the realization of EU goals and values, so it is absolutely necessary that the states safeguard them. On that note, it is equally indispensable that […]

Our appeal for rationality

Taking into consideration the policy of certain states, which violate the rule of law and defy the EU values, it is easily understood that the immediate action of the Union is necessary. In this context, as we talk for the access to funding programs, a crucial aspect of European policy, there is a clear need […]