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The incompatibility of a European Army with European reality; Why it seems an imposible venture?

It is a fact that for 70 years Europe has sustained peace and stability. That is due to the continuous presence of NATO in Europe. Since its foundation every security dilemma has been eliminated. The resolution of defense and security issues has led to reconstruction and development among European nations. Historically, a tendency creating a […]

The incompatibility of a European Army with European reality; Why it seems an impossible venture?

It is an historical fact that identity cannot be based on cooperation, rather it requires common culture, language and history. The EU faced and is facing multidimensional competition. Still, common economic policy and common level of development do not exist to eliminate the existence of different interests. Thus, the creation of a common army demands […]

Political satire: Could it be a real solution to such a crucial issue?

Far right political expression is part of political violence. Political violence consists of five different types: a) Anarchism, which was active at the end of 19th century in Europe, b) Decolonization, which took place in the after WWII era, c) Far left political expression, which was launched after the events of May 1968 and d) […]

Satire funding opposed to the EU principles and values

Undeniably, you chose to defend freedom of speech in a self-defeated and against the fundamental values of the EU way. We accept your different position, but we do not agree. Contrarywise, you do not even accept our position and you call us “irrational” superficial and unrealistic in an effort to defend your views. Regarding the […]